Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Gabe

With apologies to Shoals, I demand for Doc Rivers to Free Gabe Pruitt. Let me be blunt: Gabe is not the answer at backup PG for the Celtics this season. Veteran help from Cassell is needed to back up Rajon. That said, Gabe Pruitt can play. He is arbitrarily caught in the netherworld between the D-League and the NBA and he is thus precluded from developing. To that end, he has become the focus of CelticsBlog commenter infatuation with devising Machiavellian deals on the ESPN Trade Machine. The opportunity to play must be afforded to Pruitt. He can contribute, at least from a minutes standpoint as the postseason approaches. There is a dual tendency as to which prism is used to evaluate Gabe. One, uninformed and unrealistic, proclaims Gabe an imminent failure. It inappropriately cites statistical evidence. The other cannot yet evaluate his potential. With the mind's eye to the future, we wait, unknowing.

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